Application Procedure

Please submit

  • final degree certificate (please upload this document, too)
  • transcripts of all your prior academic degrees
  • proof of your English language skills
  • proof of your German language skills
  • a letter of motivation (max. 1 page)
  • a CV (tabular form)
  • school leaving certificate
  • where applicable, evidence of any further degrees (e.g. Master degree, GRE test etc.)

You may also apply even if you won’t finish your prior B.Sc. degree before the application deadline, but will complete it before our study programme starts in October. In this case, you must provide evidence that you have already obtained a minimum of 120 ECTS (or equivalent).

Please note: You may apply without submitting the English language proof and the final degree certificate (in case you’ve finished your prior degree recently and the document is still to be prepared). However, in case you are admitted you will have to present both before enrolment or by the date mentioned in the admission letter respectively.

Please note: The German language proof has to be submitted with your application.

Once you have completed your online application, it is not necessary to submit any paper documents to the University of Bremen. Only if your application is successful, you will be requested to submit paper documents. In this case, you will receive an admission letter which includes further information in this respect. Please note that only officially certified copies of original documents are accepted. Please do not hand in original documents!

Documents in languages other than German or English have to be translated into German or English and to be certified by German authorities. Translations have to be done by officially approved translators.

Further valuable hints can be found in the Master-Portal of the University of Bremen (check their FAQs, too, e.g. for more information on notarizations and translations).

TOEFL test: more information

GRE test: more information

Please indicate the GRE code number of our programme in your GRE test documents. Our code no. is 9093 (PEP – Physics Dept., University of Bremen in Bremen, Germany).